Ubuntu Russian Remix

 Линукс для серверов Линукс для дома и офиса

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Ubuntu Russian Remix

Saratov Linux Centre recommends Ubuntu Russian Remix for use on home and office desktops and laptops in Russia.

Ubuntu Russian Remix is based on famous Ubuntu Linux and offers all features required for office and home work in Russia.

Some key points of Ubuntu Russian Remix:

  • Fully compatible with Ubuntu Linux. Having installed Ubuntu Russian Remix, you can use all benefits of Ubuntu, including hundreds of programs available with just one click.
  • Full Russian support. Ubuntu Russian Remix includes full support for Russian language out-of-the-box; no additional downloads are nessesary for this.
  • Common office formats support. Ubuntu Russian Remix supports variety of documents and files formats, which are de facto standards in Russia for office information exchange.
  • Extended multimedia support. Ubuntu Russian Remix supports a lot of additional multimedia formats, including the ones that can't be included in Ubuntu Linux due to legal restrictions in other countries.
  • DVD support. Ubuntu Russian Remix features full support for DVD playback, to the maximum extent of the laws in Russia.

You can download Ubuntu Russian Remix from our downloads page.

You can also contact us; we will be pleased to give you further information.



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